Zip Line

Zip Line

Zip line Canopy Tour

Zip Line Tours, our tour begins with a 15-minute walk up the hill next to our specially designed 40 passenger tractor. Once at the top of the mountain, begin to sink to the bottom, zip line includes 15 different platforms and 14 cables for a total distance of 3.5 kilometers of cables, including the longest cable in the region, free 2,400 foot ride. Herradura zip line tour is a few miles north of Playa Jaco; enjoy the breathtaking view of the jungle as you zip through the jungle. Zip Line visit our operation is on 80 acres of land and 50% of this, the forest is protected by a combination of microclimates and wildlife.

Jaco Canopy Tours zip details:

Location: 15 minutes from Playa Jaco.
Duration of tour: 2 hours.
Pick Up: Jaco
Includes: Round trip transportation, safety equipment, experienced guides and insured vehicles.
Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, shoes, sunglasses, camera and sunscreen.
Rates: $ 75 per person

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