Choosing the right Costa Rica fishing charter is naturally very important. The tourism sector in Costa Rica is well developed and there exists a wide range of different Costa Rica fishing charter operations of varying quality.

Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Some will cater only for a small part of Costa Rica, e.g. a short stretch of a particular river, while others arrange trips over the entire country or even into nearby Central American states. Both types of Costa Rica fishing charter operations naturally have their own charm. If you choose a small Costa Rica fishing charter company that focuses on a limited region, they will typically have an in-depth understanding of that particular area. If you on the other hand choose a larger trip arranger, it can cater for all your needs and arrange a fishing trip that takes you to several different destinations. Before you make up your mind and book a Costa Rica fishing trip, it is advisable to contact several Costa Rica fishing charter companies. Take advantage of their knowledge and do not be shy when it comes to asking questions about your future trip.

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Costa Rica Fishing Charters – The Price

Asking about the prices is naturally very important when you are in the process of choosing a Costa Rica fishing charter company. Do not assume that the prices on their webpage or in their folders are up to date. The prices can have changed and might be higher as well as lower. If you are a larger group travelling together, you might be able to negotiate a better price. The same is true if you want to stay longer than normal, participate in many fishing excursions or have the Costa Rica fishing charter take you to several different destinations. Keep in mind that lowering the actual price isn’t everything. In many situations it is much easier to get things for free rather than lowering the price. You might be able to get meals for free if you stay at a certain lodge, have all the transportation included in the price, get a discount on equipment and so on.

The Fish

If you want to catch certain fish species during your trip, you should discus this with the Costa Rica fishing charter company at an early stage. Certain species might only be in season during certain months, or might regularly travel from one part of the country to another. Costa Rica is home to a wide range of migratory fish species that spend time out in the ocean as well as in jungle rivers.

The Boat and the Equipment

The boat and the equipment are naturally very important for your Costa Rica fishing adventure. Always ask the Costa Rica fishing charter company about their fleet and equipment before you book any trip. If you want to engage in deep sea fishing, you will for instance need access to a large and sturdy boat that can safely venture into open water. If you on the other hand want to go fishing in jungle rivers, a completely different type of boat will be necessary.

The Weather and the Water

Since the weather and water conditions affect a lot of fish species, a reputable Costa Rica fishing charter company will have extensive knowledge about these factors. They will be able to inform you about current as well as historical weather and water conditions, and keep you updated on the latest forecast. Do not hesitate to ask questions about currents, underwater visibility, temperatures, winds and tides.