Cocal Hotel

Hotel Cocal is for a man who travels alone, and is now the center of Jaco world on any given night. What was a beach boutique hotel before, it is now a bustling attraction in the center of the nightlife Jaco

Hotel Cocal & Casino is a local hotel is known for its nightlife and girls who frequent the casino, bar and pool. The center of Jaco is a beautiful city with a lively nightlife around, but Cocal and Casino Tiki Bar, specifically, is often described as magical.

El Cocal Casino is one of the best and most famous in Jaco. This place is air-conditioned and is busy at night that young men and women come to mingle. This is a great place to come after a night on the beach to relax and have fun. The stakes in the casino will allow you to relax before moving on to the more exciting parts of Cocal and night. The bar is great for a relaxing drink. You can watch a game on the big screen TV.

The pool bar Cocal (ie, Tiki Bar) is the center of the action in Jaco. While the rest of the casino is interesting, the pool is where it really gets hot and starts the party. The pool bar has all your favorite drinks and snacks, including American specialties. The pool has live music all night and most of the girls were here hoping to find a guy who will spoil them.